"Amerikanska gymnasiet" expands with Royal Schedule

Amerikanska Gymnasiet has established several new schools, with strong student growth and several newly started schools, the scheduling quickly becomes complex. Therefore, they chose to schedule with the Royal Schedules scheduling platform.


Amerikanska Gymnasiet was founded in Gothenburg and their first school has now become their largest.

  • Our students have many individual syllabi, this leads to a complex schedule with many variables. Creating the schedule manually was previously an incredibly difficult job, says Sandy Bansal, deputy principal at the Amerikanska Gymnasiet in Gothenburg.

This is a complexity that many schedulers recognize. Individual courses for students are now increasingly common and the responsibility often lies with the scheduler. With the help of built-in analysis tools, Sandy was able to create a better understanding of their schedule.

In 2021, a new school was inaugurated in Stockholm. A natural prerequisite for a new opening is that you want to work continuously with minor changes for a flexible business.

  • At our school, we want to work with agile updates based on students' learning. With an excellent overview and smooth drag-n-drop, we can easily handle adjustments, says Anna-Lena Bresell, principal at the Amerikanska Gymnasiet in Stockholm.

Furthermore, she appreciated the attentiveness of the Royal Schedule.

  • They also listened to our proposals and during the semester new functions were launched that were adapted to our wishes and simplified our workflows. ”

Leading in the expansion is Peter Heddelin, CEO of Amerikanska Gymnasiet.

  • During my studies in the USA, I experienced a culture and school community that I have not seen in the same way in the Swedish school. This is something that has been driving my vision and the creation of Amerikanska Gymnasiet. We have received an extremely positive response from our students and have seen a demand to open more schools. When it comes to scheduling, it has been easy to be able to schedule automatically based on our needs. The algorithm developed by Royal Schedule is simply genious.