Astar streamlines scheduling in their municipal adult activities.

Astar in Västerås has, with the help of Royal Schedule, optimized its weekly scheduling routines.

Unlike a primary and secondary school, a municipal adult activity must create new schedules continuously during the year. A schedule is only active during the period when the courses are taken and needs to be updated completely after a few months. Scheduling is therefore a constant and time-consuming problem. Therefore, Daniel Remåker saw an opportunity to streamline their routines at Astar in Västerås.

“We have had the opportunity to implement the routine in an efficient manner. With the help of automation, I can quickly create a basic schedule. The schedule will be ready in a few days as it previously took several weeks! ”

At the touch of a button, the basic schedule is in place. With the help of the Royal Schedule, Daniel has set up separate schedules for their teachers, tests and halls.

“It's easy to test yourself. The system places the lessons based on the conditions, I can then test completely new schedules at any time and let the algorithm do the hard work! ”

The best reasons to choose Royal Schedule, according to Daniel at Astar in Västerås:

  • Very user-friendly Opportunity to implement the entire routine in an efficient manner
  • Smart solutions streamline all parts of the schedule Advantage of real-time feedback
  • The basic system places in advance, satisfied with the automation
  • It is quick to get a first draft schedule in a few minutes
  • Reduces working hours from a few weeks to a few days for a complete schedule
  • Graphically nice and simple
  • Quick answers and good support