Edessaskolan automated their scheduling

Edessaskolan is an F-6 school in southern Stockholm with a music and language focus for the students, the school days can therefore be a little longer than at other schools. As each lesson is always staffed by two teachers, this leads to a more complicated schedule with many conditions.

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Robert Abraham, principal at Edessaskolan, chose to schedule together with the Royal Schedule. Robert was able, with the help of the Royal Schedule, set up processes for automatic scheduling that quickly created schedules for the teachers and took into account all the conditions on the schedule.

We have managed to facilitate scheduling thanks to the Royal Schedule. In addition, the contact and availability from their support site was exceptionally good, says Robert Abraham

Scheduling, which used to be a recurring problem, has now become a simple item on the agenda that they quickly solve.

The scheduling has never been as smooth as when I switched to the Royal Schedule. I see the scheduling as a simple task, not as a challenge, concludes Robert Abraham