Freinet school got its best schedule ever

South of Lund is one of Sweden's six Freinet schools. The school is inspired by a pedagogy based on Célestin Freinet's thoughts on active learning, participation and good relations.

Freinetskolan is an elementary school with about 140 students. Their goal is for students to have the opportunity to learn and express themselves in several different ways. It’s important that the schedule meets the requirement of each and every student.

In the past, it has been time consuming and difficult to get a good schedule for all students. For a year now, Susanne Norrman has chosen to schedule with the Royal Schedule.

It was quick and easy to get started. With the help of the Royal Schedule's schedule platform, we got the best schedule we've ever had. I have recommended this to all schools I come in contact with, says Susanne.

The four best reasons to use the Royal Schedule according to Susanne:

  • Simple and intuitive
  • Quick to get started
  • Best schedule we have ever had
  • Very clear