NTI High School reduced the gaps in their schedule with the help of AI

** NTI Gymnasiet has the vision to be Sweden's leading high school in tech, science, and IT. Students gain knowledge and experience from using the very latest technology. **

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Therefore, it became a natural step for NTI to collaborate with the Royal Schedule for their scheduling. Royal Schedules algorithms use AI and computational physics to produce optimized schedules while making great time savings.

With the help of the Royal Schedule, we have been able to automate our scheduling for close to 900 students and 60 teachers. The tool is easy to work with and flexible, in addition, the support is always ready and responds quickly, says Karwan Saeed Foad, Rector of NTI Gymnasium Stockholm

NTI Gymnasiet has been scheduling in the Royal Schedules platform since 2019. Even after the first time, they could see noticeable effects from the improved result.

With the help of the algorithm, we were able to save on all those small gaps in the schedule that are built up over all rooms and classes, says Karwan.