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A basic schedule in less than 10 minutes

A complete schedule is always close at hand. Whether you want to create your first basic schedule or adjust depending on ever changing needs, you can quickly click "Run" and get a new schedule ready in less than 10 minutes.

Royal Schedule is seamlessly integrated into the school's workflows

With the help of Royal Schedules products, valuable time is saved in organizations where scheduling is time consuming or complex. The automation assists the scheduler to get better results with reduced work time.



Import basic schedule data

The basis for the scheduling is the school's basic schedule data. The information can be retrieved from your LMS or imported directly via an Excel sheet.

Import the schedule data via API

Schedule data that is retrieved via API drastically shortens the time from planning to set schedule. We support connection to several platforms on the market. Contact us for more information about data import.

Create work distribution in Excel

Work distribution made in Excel can be imported via an import file to quickly access the schedule documentation for scheduling.


Set your schedule preferences and constraints

Prior to scheduling, preferences and conditions are set in the intuitive user interface. These terms and conditions adapt the schedule to suit your business and its needs.

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Wide support for fine-tuning

Royal Schedule contains a complete toolbox of possible conditions to specify, all to suit your business' requirements on the schedule.

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Feedback in real-time

While you focus on setting your terms and preferences, ongoing checks are made in the background to ensure that the contraints can be fulfilled. If, for example, an overbooking of a resource occurs, you will be notified of this and appropriate action.


Schedule in a few minutes

With the help of Royal Schedule's advanced algorithm, the most optimized schedule is created.

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Manual adjustments

Once the schedule has been set automatically, manual changes can be made to our full-featured manual scheduler. Crash analyzes are done in real time to assist the scheduler.

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Manage sudden changes quickly

It often happens that you have to update a schedule before or after school starts. With Royal Schedule you can easily create new schedules or adjust them depending on the changing needs.


Publish and export the finished schedule

Once the schedule is set, it can be published and exported to most of the school platforms on the market. It is also possible to retrieve schedule data via SS:12000 API for automatic flows.

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Connect with SS:12000

Other approved plattforms can connect and subscribe to the scheduling data via the Swedish school standard for data transfer, SS:12000.

Read more about SS:12000 (for developers)


Royal Schedule supports file exports to the most common school platforms on the market. In addition, the schedule data can always be exported locally to a computer for further processing.

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