Schedule patients and staff using powerful automation.

Schedule according to your needs

In many departments, the nurses have to schedule themselves and it can take several hours per week of their working day. With Royal Schedule you can create schedules automatically according to the needs of patients and staff.

Clinical staffing

Each department of a care provider has its own staffing needs. With the help of the Royal Schedule, various duties, treatments, and rooms can be booked. The automation ensures that resources are not double-booked.

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Real-time analysis on conditions

The scheduler has full freedom to adjust the settings in the underlying schedule data to suit the requirements and wishes of the business. An advanced algorithm helps to identify any problems or mistakes in real-time and suggests solutions to the schedule.

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Optimized travel routes

Healthcare that takes place in the patient's or user's home can be optimized through area calculations. By optimizing transport distances, more time is freed up for the user.

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Multiple users simultaneously

Several people can work simultaneously in the tables, always in sync with each other.

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