Distribution of individual student courses

The distribution of individual student courses can be complex. Let us help you calculate the optimal distribution that satisfies the most wishes.

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Distribution of individual student courses

Distributing students' IV choices can be a difficult puzzle to solve.

  • How do you pair the courses so that no student gets both of their choices at the same time?
  • How many groups do we have to create for the popular courses?
  • How do we ensure that most students get their first choices and avoid reserve choices if possible?

We at Royal Schedule have developed a unique IV management that helps in the preparatory work before the scheduling begins.

We can help with:

  1. Give students options that are guaranteed to increase the number of students who get their first choice.
  2. Distributes the courses into predetermined number of "IV blocks" to avoid collisions.
  3. Creates multiple groups of popular courses based on a maximum number of students per course.

What we need is a file with the following:

• Students' IV choice, it can for example be an Excel file with first-hand, second-hand and reserve. • Information about the number of blocks that the IV elections must go over, a block means a schedule opportunity where the IV courses run in parallel. • Maximum number of students allowed per course.

A simple example of how a file can be structured:

Example of results based of the input shown above

With input data as above, the result is: ! [services_IV_bild2.png] (https://cdn-rs-web-backend-staging.s3.eu-north-1.amazonaws.com/tjaenster_IV_bild2_44c3ea9b49.png) Fig 2. Here we see how the lessons are divided into blocks. For each block, all courses can run in parallel with each other within the same block without there being a collision for the students' choice.

You can also see the courses assigned to the students as well as warnings for when it could not be solved. [services_IV_bild3.png] (https://cdn-rs-web-backend-staging.s3.eu-north-1.amazonaws.com/tjaenster_IV_bild3_64847d3afc.png)

Fig3. Here you can see the selected IV courses for the students and which block they belong to. You will also be warned if there were students who could not get their choices without a collision.

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