Profitability optimization for you schedules

Through advanced calculations and calculation models, we can make predictions of future schedules and investigate whether more students can be accommodated, which increases profitability.

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Optimizing your resources

Did you know that there are millions of possible schedules that can be created for an organisation, using the exact same terms and conditions? Creating the absolute best schedule for your business can be the key to improving the work environment of employees, reducing resource costs and optimizing profitability.

Our schedule consultants have a master's degree in engineering and can optimize your schedule with the help of calculations and analytical models.

With the help of our scheduling AI, we can produce unique analyses that have never been possible before. By making predictions of upcoming schedules, you can test the scenario and confirm if it works on future schedules.

Examples of streamlining the schedule:

Reduce the number of halls Reducing the number of halls leads to direct cost savings. We can make predictions about whether you can reduce the number of halls at the school.

Add a class By simulating several schedule generations, we can follow the new class through each year group and identify potential bottlenecks.

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