Optimize your business from the ground up with the help of smart scheduling.

Automatic scheduling

The schedule is the basis for the business's resource costs. With the help of Royal Schedule's scheduling AI, you can find the schedule that meets the conditions and optimizes the resources best.

Plan and compare

Create multiple schedules in advance and compare terms and costs. If there are sudden changes, you can quickly update your schedules.

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Manage rules and contraints easily

Better compliance with regulations

Does not violate specified rules and conditions, which leads to more satisfied workers.

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Real-time analysis on contraints

The scheduler has full freedom to adjust the settings in the schedule documentation to suit the requirements and wishes of the business. An advanced algorithm helps to identify any problems or mistakes in real-time and suggests solutions to the schedule.

[See a complete list of setting options] (link)

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Multiple users simultaneously

Several people can work simultaneously with the schedule, always in sync with each other.

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Optimization of time and resources

Reduce costs

Optimizing the resource-usage leads to direct cost savings. Plan and make sure to always use the schedule that reduces your costs the most.

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Completed schedules in a few minutes

A complete schedule is always close at hand. Create a new or update the current schedule in under 10 minutes.

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Optimize resources

With Royal Schedule's unique scheduling AI, millions of schedules are created automatically. The algorithm then picks out the schedule that best meets all the conditions and optimizes your resources.

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